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We do all the work, providing our clients with the best possible opportunities. If we do not have direct access to a property that we believe will be of interest to our clients, then we will happily work with other agents to ensure all options are presented to the client. Upon finding the right property we then advise and negotiate on behalf of our client. 

In Greece it is common practice for the buyer to pay a buyer’s fee to the estate agent, even if the agent has done little to deserve the fee. Therefore, we believe that the buyer should engage with us from the beginning and let us source them their dream home, making us work for a fee which they would have been obliged to pay anyway.

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North east Corfu. Luxurious seafront villa with private boating access and a small beach, which we sourced off market and acquired for our client.

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Kassiopi, North East Corfu. A wonderful and spacious Seafront Villa, with excellent boating access, which we sourced off market and acquired for our client.

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Avlaki, North East Corfu. Sourced and acquired this exceptional six bedroom family villa for our client.


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